Content promotion is one of a kind form of art. There are so many new methods to actually get your content into the hands of users; some companies even overlook certain tactics. As far as most new marketers are concerned, content promotion is all about using the right keywords and getting Facebook shares. This is not really true. Content is getting sophisticated as web users get used to a lot of content being shoved in their face. Along with that, content promotion tactics are getting sophisticated as well. So here is a list of things about promoting content that you may not have thought about before:

Content Promotion is Extremely Labor Intensive

If you think you only need to share your content on Facebook, think again. Content promotion is actually very, very labor intensive. Think about it. It takes time to write an article or create a video. Afterwards, this article or video must be optimized with keywords, meta descriptions, eye-catching pictures, and so on. Then, the content should be shared on typically more than there social networks. Some content will have to be sent to email subscribers, and also be optimized for mobile viewers. Marketers often use five or more channels to promote content. This has to be done for each piece of content that the company produced. That’s a lot of work for one or two employees. This is why most brands prefer to outsource the work to digital marketing companies in Dubai or other local areas.

It Can Take about a Day to Promote a Single Blog Post Effectively

Content promotion takes even more work when one has to repurpose articles. Take a blog post for example. This has to be shared on social networks with interesting posts. But to get the blog post trending as intended, bloggers often have to repurpose them into video, Slideshare presentations, PDFs, or online magazines on Flipart. That means making new content for a blog post. As mentioned before, this is a lot of work. If you want to effectively promote a single piece of content, get ready for backbreaking work.

Social Media is Not the Only Place to Get Users to Share Your Content

If you have been relentlessly posting your content on social media to drive traffic, you may want to know that there are other places for doing this: content aggregator sites like Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon. These sites can actually be better for generating buzz and traffic for content than social media.

Video is the Next Big Content Technique

If you are not producing video content, then you might as well not produce any content at all. Video is the next big thing. Video is the favored content media for smartphone users and social media crawlers. If you really want your content to get a good following, then it’s best to repurpose them as video.

News Websites are the Best Places to Get Content Published

What are the best sites to get inbound links from to your content? News websites. These sites are credible and often enjoy massive amounts of traffic. If you really want your content to attract a lot of interest, then try to get it published on a news website. Some will accept your content as “sponsored” material. It will be though.

As you can see, content promotion is not as easy as most people think.