The Internet has enabled people to radically change the way they live, and with ongoing development, it is now possible to create and manage a successful business with nothing more than a laptop, an Internet connection, and a lot of knowledge. The modern entrepreneur can do everything online, and with the global market waiting, the Internet is very much the portal to success. If the idea of making millions while sitting at home appeals to you, here are some useful tips to set you on your way.


More and more people are buying products online, and with smartphone capability, the consumer is fast realising how convenient online shopping can be. If you are going to start a business, you must have a product or service in mind, and this must be something in demand, at least in sufficient quantities to allow you to enter the market. The ideal scenario would be to have a product that was high in demand and very short in supply, and in that case, it would be very easy to take a large share of the market. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen very often, so we are forced to analyse the market and what we have to offer the customer. It is possible to become a middleman, where you sell products online, and the product manufacturer sends the goods to either you, or your customer on your behalf. For more information on the rising popularity of e-commerce, here is an informative article that puts things into perspective.

Create a Strong Web Presence

Designing a website is not something for an amateur, so talk to a competent web developer, someone who has experience working with WordPress, or Magento, a popular shopping cart software. Your website is your shop window, and the design and concept very much reflects your company, so you have to invest in some expert help with this stage.

Digital Marketing

The world of online commerce is complex, and with every vendor wanting to be noticed, there are specific avenues you can explore that will improve your online presence. Millions of consumers use search engines to source and ultimately order products, and therefore you need to use search engine optimisation to make your site more visible to the major search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is an industry within itself, and it deals with the complex algorithms that Google and other search engines use to rank websites. It is of little use to create a dynamic website, offering the best products at the lowest prices, if the consumer is unable to find you, and if you are not on the first few pages of a google keyword search, you can forget it. There are a number of strategies the professionals use to boost your search engine rankings, and this service must be an ongoing thing. It isn’t a one off job, as the search engines are always changing the way the evaluate websites, so you might be on the first page today, but next week, you could be on page 5. Constant tweaking, coupled with a lot of dynamic content that is placed on a number of platforms, will ensure that your message reaches more and more potential customers.

Virtual Offices

Without this facility, the home entrepreneur would not be able to create the right image. Most people look at the registered address of a company they are about to do business with, and if your postal address is in the heart of the business district, you have instantly created a good impression. With a corresponding phone number, and the help of a call handling company, all of your calls will be answered by a professional receptionist on your behalf, and they are fully briefed on their client’s business. With this facility in place, you now have the image of a large and successful business, which fosters consumer confidence, and providing your product and service are up to scratch, there’s no reason you won’t be successful. A call handling company offers a host of essential services, such as small business telephone cover for the holidays, and emergency response, plus they are always at hand to deal with any overflow calls.

Call Answering Facilities

As your business grows, you will need someone to man the phones during office hours, and this can be something a call handling company can take care of. It might be that you have office hours covered, but need a service for after-hours calls, and this is important, as you want your customers to talk to a real person whenever they call. If you are selling products online, your clients will come from many different countries, and they will expect a fast response when they make contact.

Online Banking

This is a must have for any Internet Entrepreneur, and with your customers being offered several ways to pay, you can effectively control all your financial transactions from your computer, even to the point of ordering statements. Opening a PayPal account would give your customers another convenient method of payment, and with your website accepting all major credit cards, the buying experience should be a pleasant one.

The Right Suppliers

If you are selling products online, the chances are that you are buying from a wholesaler, and it is important that they can cope with large orders. Usually the largest wholesalers offer the best prices, so try to stick with an established company, as they will have the infrastructure to increase productivity at will. Many small online businesses have an arrangement with the wholesaler, who sends the goods to the customer in your prepared packaging, which means much less work for you.

Good Logistical Support

If you are sending goods around the world on a daily basis, an established courier service is vital, and with their extensive network of carriers, your customers will receive their goods on time. Most reputable courier companies boast fast delivery times, and with online package tracking, you will always know where your consignments are at any one time.

If you follow the above advice, there is no reason why you cannot create and develop a successful online business. With a virtual office, and outsourcing most of the work, you can run your business empire from the comfort of your living room.