It may seem almost too good to be true, but there are plenty of people around the world making money through blogging. That’s right – you could skip the day job altogether, commit yourself to a project your passionate about, and earn money while doing it. However, the process of generating a decent income through your blog is not a simple one, and it’s unlikely to happen quickly. Follow these steps and over time you should be able to start building up some revenue while you blog.

Attract Readers

The first step to making money from your blog is to attract a solid reader base. In order to make any kind of income from your blog, you’ll need a decent sized audience who follow your posts on a regular basis. Creating the right content is an important part of this step, and we’ll discuss that later, but at some point you’ll have to move away from your website and start marketing yourself on a broader basis. You can do this by contacting a google adwords provider and generating clicks through SEO, by looking at other blogs, by networking with other writers to nab some of their readers, and by engaging with your audience with the aim of growing it across the web.

Get Social

A key aspect of your wider campaign to attract readers will be social media marketing. Do your research and find out where your soon-to-be readers are hanging out online and build a presence there. Interact with other influencers on their accounts, tweet often, post all of your content across various platforms, and keep your presence fresh and authentic online. Try to respond to your readers’ questions and comments and stay on top of your accounts at all times – you’ll need to be posting at least once a day if you hope to attract any attention in the busy social media sphere.

Create The Right Content

The content that wins you readers and attracts monetization will vary widely depending on the niche you’re writing in and the kind of readers you have. Regardless of the topic, your content needs to be engaging, useful, and informative in some way. Once you’ve established an audience and a presence online then you’ll be able to get away with writing blog posts about your day, but to begin with you should focus on creating content that’s shareable and interesting to people who aren’t in your immediate family and friendship group.

Generating An Income

Once you have a large number of visitors to your blog each month, you can start focusing on monetization. Some bloggers find that allowing advertisers to place ads on their website generates a reasonable income source. You can also sell sponsored posts where you mention a product or service, use affiliate marketing streams, create private communities that readers pay to join, or sell e-books and course material to your audience. The means you choose will depend on the type of blog you create, but it’s important to know that there’s no one ideal way to make money as a blogger. It’s often a process of trial and error, with a fair amount of hard work thrown in, but if you get it right, it could be well worth your trouble.