If you own a commercial property there are many security factors to take into consideration. Protecting your store from potential burglary and theft can be approached from a few different angles, so here we take a look at commercial security and how it differs from a home security plan.

Risk Assess your Commercial Property

A thorough risk assessment of your property and business should be conducted on a regular basis, whether annually, or twice a year, or whenever you see fit. Look at all aspects of the business as you could be physically under threat in terms of burglary, or at risk of cyber crime as a business. Look at all the processes in terms of stock and cashflow that takes place within your business and pinpoint areas of weakness.

Commercial Security

There are a number of ways you can approach the physical security of your commercial store. Look at all exterior and interior doors and strengthen where necessary, add locks to windows and install security lighting in potential areas of risk. You can install security alarm systems, CCTV and intercom systems if it all fits within your budget and works for that site. Ensure there are no blind spots at all around the premises.

Security Training for Staff

Being aware of security is important for all staff members as it ensures that they know how to stay safe from harm, as well as keep customers safe when there is a burglary or theft occurring. Staff training can be focused on security issues, learning about suspicious behaviour and how to deal with physical cash and stock that could be targeted for theft.

Get Organised

Stock checks and audits on a regular basis will keep you fully aware of the quantities of equipment and stock on site at any given time. If at all possible secure expensive equipment to the floor or walls and give employees the chance to have a secure area for their belongings, as well as any bikes or vehicles linked to the business.

Be Vigilant with Staff Hiring Policies

Have in place a clear policy regarding theft for all employees. Petty cash and money in the till are always the first port of call when employees are caught stealing cash from their place of work, so be aware of these at all times. Be strict when anyone is caught stealing and always place a close eye on the history and employment checks of all new staff members, even for casual and part-time roles. Leave locking up and access to keys and certain areas of the workplace that holds sensitive information to a select few, trusted staff members.

Regular Assessments

There are always things we can be doing better in all aspects of our work. The security of your commercial store is one of those. Undertake regular checks on all processes you have in place, see what’s working and what isn’t and tweak accordingly over time. Criminals are always looking at new ways to make their mark, and you should be ready for anything as a result.