Recently, selfies and selfie videos have trebled in popularity. They have gone from a sort of fun distraction to the main way that people take their casual photos. Selfies can be used to show where someone is, what they are doing, who they have met, as well as their current mood. Selfie videos do the same things, but capture motion and sound. If you want to take great selfies or selfie videos, you need a phone that is designed for that. You need a few features that will help you make the best videos and images. The quality of your photos and videos depend on three different factors. The factors are your camera, your editing, and your composition. Here are some examples of optimising all three.

Your Camera

Your camera is probably the most important aspect of taking great videos and selfies. If you do not have a great camera on your phone, you will have a very hard time taking great videos. It’s not impossible to make a poor-quality camera perform well, but it’s much easier and more effective to take photos with a good camera. The camera needs to have a high number of megapixels; these are the tiny pieces of information that make up the actual image. More megapixels means that each photo is going to have more information; that means more detail and sharpness. While this might be good, it’s no guarantee that the camera will be high-quality. You also need a camera that has a good lens. In a conventional camera, a good lens can cost as much as or more than the camera itself. That’s because the glass has to be ground very specifically and very carefully. A phone that is designed specifically for selfies is much more likely to have a good lens on it. Once you have found a phone with a great camera, you need to think about editing your photo or video. The best Android phones have great apps to help you do that.

Editing Your Photos

If you’re editing your photos or video on your phone, you should look for apps that allow you to do that. The best apps tend to be streamlined versions of desktop applications. Final Cut, iMovie, and Avid are all popular nonlinear video editing applications. Many of them are available in stripped-down versions for your phone. There are also photo editing apps; these range from well-known names like Photoshop to some free applications made by intelligent developers. You should buy a phone that allows you to install third-party apps as well as officially-licensed apps.


The composition of your selfie or video refers to how you light and frame your photo. You should look for a camera that has a front-facing camera so that you can compose your selfies properly. Also, it is helpful if the phone has a light on it; the light helps make your photos come to life. A large screen with hands-free or one-touch operation for your selfies is also excellent. There are different mechanisms for this; one common method is a sort of hand signal that your phone recognises. Whatever the case may be, great selfies require great phones.