Do you have to convert some big video files in Mac into smaller formats? It could be that that you have to share them on someone’s mobile phone. Otherwise it could also be that you have to send them through email. Big videos boast amazing quality but leave too little space in your hard drive. Also, emails don’t support large files. It calls for immediate conversion into smaller formats so that you can have some free space in your hard drive. When it comes to best video converters for mac in the market, experts usually vote for Movavi Video Converter for Mac. Movavi is an internationally renowned name and trusted by customers almost all over the world. The software is programmed to support a wide number of formats. Thus whether to convert videos into AVI or FLV or MPEG-4, Movavi will work on anything.

How to use Movavi Video Converter to convert videos in Mac

Step 1

After you download & install Movavi Video Converter in your Mac, go to Add Media & look for Add Video.  Select it & choose the desired file that you have to convert.

Step 2

Open “Video” & select the desired preset. The converter software is backed by Device Recognition technology. It means it will automatically recommend you the suitable preset for your file as per the device you are going to play it on. However, for that, that device should be connected to Mac during the conversion process.

Step 3

You can do some editing tasks if you want. For example, you can add or trim clips to and from the video. You can also add watermarks & titles as well as background music.

Step 4

Finally, specify the output folder by clicking on “Save To” and then click on “Convert” to start the conversion.

Other chief features

  • Movavi Video Converter can also convert audio, DVD and image files along with video files.
  • The software supports over 200 mobile devices including all the major operating systems.
  • The program is designed to help you with basic editing functions like video crop, rotation, resize, enhancement of sound/image quality and so on.
  • It also helps with video compression.
  • Movavi Video Converter is backed by SuperSpeed technology that helps it with lightning fast conversion which is 81 times faster than what you see with other converter options.
  • The software also assures no loss of video quality during conversion.

Useful tips for users

  • If you want to reduce file size, choose a lower bitrate rate and resolution
  • If you have to upload the converted file on social media or any online site, Movavi Video Converter enables you to save the video in online format doe quick upload online.