Once a simple gate was enough, but in the 21st century driveway security is far more high-tech and considerably more effective than it used to be. The modern solution to deter unwanted parking and to prevent unauthorised access and vehicle theft is a driveway security post.

Creating a barrier on your driveway sends an automatic message to a potential thief that a planned theft will not be a quick and easy job. A security bollard can be an effective and low-cost way to secure vehicles left on your driveway.

The Right Street Furniture for the Job

For most domestic driveways, one bollard will do the job adequately, and this can be either surface-mounted or of the telescopic type. Telescopic bollards are more convenient, as they simply rise out of the ground, but they can be more difficult to install. Surface-mounted bollards are equally effective and are usually fitted with handles for ease of use. Another advantage of the security bollard is that it allows pedestrian access for the postman and other visitors.

For commercial premises or car parks, multiple bollards can be linked together with a chain, providing a very clear visual barrier.

Create an Effective Barrier

The most effective way to guard business premises, forecourts and car parks can be with the installation of a barrier. Steel barriers are robust and durable and can be locked in the down position when the premises are not in use. However, these types of barriers are not a particularly effective deterrent against theft. Don’t completely discount the use of a gate. Manual gates can cover a far wider entry area than a barrier and can be locked for greater security.

Consider the use of an automated gate on private property when you want to close off pedestrian access and stop other vehicles parking on your driveway. These prevent children and animals from running out into the road but are extremely easy to operate when you require access to your driveway.

Securing Your Driveway

Driveway security posts are a cost-effective and extremely practical solution for your driveway. If you keep a caravan on your driveway, then security posts are the most effective way to deter potential thieves. They send a strong visual message that you’re security conscious and have taken effective steps to secure your property. If you own a caravan or motorhome, your insurer may require the installation of a driveway bollard as an essential security measure. You may also lower your premiums by installing a surface-mounted or telescopic bollard.

You can also install a driveway barrier for extra protection. They consist of two posts and a cross bar. These types of barriers are considered to be particularly effective. They fold flat, allowing for vehicle clearance as they’re driven over. Driveway barriers should be easy to remove or fold down without compromising security.

If your only driveway issue is security and not access, ram-raiding bollards are available that fit permanently in the upright position.

Make It Last

Whatever your budget, it makes sense to ensure your bollard or barrier has a protective coating or is galvanised for durability. Iron, steel and aluminium bollards will usually be powder-coated, or you can choose stainless steel bollards that will not rust.

Whichever material you choose and whichever method of securing your driveway works best for you, the days of the garden gate are definitely at an end.