Is your business creating content that attracts high numbers of traffic but so little engagement? Then read below for useful suggestions regarding how to create content that actually gets users engaged and invested:

Use Emotional Trigger Words

Content should be appealing to the target audience in one way or another. However, what web users click on the most are compelling content. Keep in mind that the web is filled with all sorts of content competing for the short attention span of usually the same user. So what makes this user click on an article or a video? That would be the content that evokes an emotional response. To create such compelling content, use so-called power words that elicit an emotional response. For example, words like “astonishing”, “amazing”, “incredible”, ”controversial”, “brutal” or “thrilling” evoke a form of emotional response. Such words are highly descriptive and are closely related to certain types of emotions. Use these power words to get people to click on your content. A professional blog post writing service  can easily create content with power words that lead to traffic and conversions.

Visually Enhance All Content

Don’t let content be boring, drab, and filled with text. Entertain the users with visually stimulating graphics. Web users are mostly driven by visuals anyway. So enhance the articles you produce with infographics, images, and other visual material that will prompt visitors to stay and read on. If the graphics are great, it may even result in a comment or two. Graphical content is proven to be more engaged with online users and thus should be heavily included in a content marketing strategy.

Create News-Style Leading Paragraphs

Don’t keep the customers guessing when it comes to content. Whether you are writing an article or posting a video, the first paragraph or the first part of the description should give away what the content is all about. This is a tactic borrowed from journalism. In news articles, the very first paragraph is short, but effectively conveys what the rest of the article is about. It also contains what journalists call a “hook,” essentially the piece of information that makes the article newsworthy and relevant. If content follows this same format, then engagement would follow, as it is the case with the top news articles. Once more, a pro blogging service would be able to create such content if the in-house talent is lacking.

Pose Intriguing Questions that Prompt Feedback

The best way to get readers to comment on a story is to post a question. But don’t lead articles with boring and obvious questions. The questions should not sound too much like an advertisement. Instead, pose a genuinely intriguing question. It should not be hard if you already know the target audience very well. Use gathered data to glean what type of questions the target audience is most likely to search online for. Then base the questions in the content on this data. High levels of engagement would naturally follow.

Make Value Propositions

Instead of asking the target audience to learn something or read something, offer them something. For example, a headline that says “learn more about seasonal discounts” is uninteresting and won’t prompt much engagement. Instead, “tips for getting a seasonal discount” actually offers the target audience something, and that’s what results in high engagement levels.

Use the above tips to improve engagement levels with the content your business creates. Keep in mind that high traffic is nothing without high levels of engagement.